Programs and Services

Advocacy for Inclusion works to further the interests of persons with disability, particularly those persons who are often isolated and marginalised from wider community life. Our programs and services promote, protect and defend their welfare and rights to justice and self-determination.


We run a monthly peer-support group where people develop the confidence and skills to speak up for yourself about issues or people that affect your life.

Our Self-Advocacy events are listed on our Events page.

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Individual Advocacy

One of our Advocates can stand beside you to help you speak up or speak for you if you think something is unfair or someone is treating you badly.

You can find how to get support on our Seeking Support page.

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Systemic Advocacy

We contribute to submissions, consultations and policy activities with the ACT Government and Commonwealth Government. We tell them about the issues people with disabilities are facing.

Our Systemic Advocacy submissions, consultations and policy activities are on our Publications page.

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We provide tailored-training programs focussing on disability awareness and inclusive practices to government agencies, statutory authorities, community groups as well as the private sector.

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