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Accessible Housing

Published on September 1, 2020

People with disability in the ACT have a right to live in the community and participate fully in economic, social, and cultural life. Currently, people with disability and psychosocial disability are having trouble accessing affordable and accessible housing in the ACT private and public rental markets.

What can the ACT Government Deliver?

  • Increase the range, affordability, and accessibility of public and social housing for persons with disabilities, including by implementing a quota for accessible social housing and by developing regulations and standards to guarantee the progressive application of universal design principles for accessible housing.
  • The inclusion of accessible public and social housing in all new property developments that does not ‘lump’ low socio-economic groups into high-density arrangements.  
  • All social housing developed and purchased in the ACT to achieve minimum standards of accessibility and accreditation as per the universal housing design targets agreed to and in accordance with the Australian Building Code Board
  • Provide further investment in additional public housing and renewal of current stock. All new housing developments are designed for independent living, not institutionalised living in a community setting