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White Paper on Housing

Published on October 17, 2022

Our Housing White Paper shows we need urgent action to address housing poverty, homelessness, inadequate cluster housing, housing market failure and a lack of supply.  We call for concerted action on housing across all markets via the ACT Disability Strategy. Specifically, we need to: Reform the planning system to produce accessible housing; deliver accessible and well-maintained public housing at scale close to transport and urban centre travel paths; create more affordable and accessible housing which enables people to live independently in the community while devolving from failed group and cluster models;  work with the development industry including architects, designers, town planners, real estate developers and property owners to create more accessible private rental with incentives, market development and regulation; and reform and improve Disability Accommodation under Supported Independent Living so that it no longer pushes people towards group housing and provides adequate tenancy support for people with complex needs.

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