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White Paper on Inclusive Education

Published on December 2, 2022

AFI has launched a White Paper on Inclusive Education which highlights the importance of inclusive education in setting people with disability up for a life with social and economic participation, personal wellbeing and free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. The Paper acknowledges promising signs of progress in the ACT but also finds that segregation continues in the ACT, often in a cloaked form – with too many students in ‘special schools’, in segregated classes or leaves them under supported in mainstream settings that aren’t able to cope. Students with and without disability who experience inclusive education do better in school, experience less bullying and are more accepting. There are also advantages across multiple academic, social and emotional metrics including employment and independent living.    Universal design of digital and physical infrastructure and better resourcing are key to making inclusion work.  We are calling for a transition to inclusive education in the ACT, and an education system that meets our international human rights obligations.