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Advocacy for Inclusion began in July 2005 when two smaller advocacy organisations, People First Inc. (est. 1990) and Advocacy ACTion Inc. (est. 1994) merged.

People First Inc. provided individual advocacy for people with disability, while Advocacy ACTion was a systemic advocacy organisation. Both were small government, not-for-profit organisations.

The decision to merge the two organisations to become Advocacy for Inclusion was based on the increased pressure for advocacy services after the 2002 Gallop Inquiry (Inquiry into ACT Disability Services).

Advocacy for Inclusion was the solution to both organisations to increase their presence in the ACT as a grassroots advocacy movement.

Today we are still Advocacy for Inclusion but you may see us mentioned more as AFI.

In 2022, Advocacy for Inclusion incorporated People With Disabilities ACT, a disabled peoples organisation which had been providing systemic advocacy in Canberra since 1981. The coming together of these 2 organisations has given people with disabilities in the ACT a stronger voice to better advocate for their human rights and their inclusion in the ACT community