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Education Act Amendments

Published on June 9, 2023

AFI have made a submission to a review of proposed amendments to the Education Act (2004). AFI support the thrust of the amendments which , aim to introduce some flexibility around definitions of attendance and outline requirements for distance educations. AFI believes that distance education should be sparingly used to deliver education for people with disability as an alternative to providing access in a mainstream classroom. AFI considers distance education to play a role in allowing students to learn from home while community transmission of COVID-19 continues. Students with disability, and those with family members with disability, face ongoing risk of severe illness, additional disability, or death from COVID-19.

AFI commends the education directorate for its work to develop an Inclusive Education strategy and encourages the directorate to continue its to work towards developing a fully inclusive education system, to ensure all students have access to quality, inclusive, education, free from violence abuse and neglect. Our Budget submission seeks specific funding to implement the strategy.

For more on inclusive education, please read AFI’s Inclusive Education White Paper