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Self Advocacy Kit

Published on November 21, 2022

Welcome to our Self-Advocacy Kit. We have created it for anyone who wants to discover and build those powerful personal skills that are about:

  • Knowing yourself, your rights, and what matters to you;
  • Discovering your most powerful way to communicate that to others;
  • Knowing how to take care of yourself when making changes is challenging.

We hope this kit will be helpful for many people. This kit can be used by a person reading it on their own, in a group where ideas can be discussed, or in a workshop.
We know some of the ideas in this kit can be challenging. Speaking up for ourselves isn’t always easy. Sometimes we can have fears or concerns about what might happen when we speak up. We encourage readers to talk about these ideas with a trusted friend or support person and, if possible, first try out these ideas in situations that feel safe and supportive.

We value your feedback, and we are looking at always to improve. If you have time, we would value your feedback: