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Shared Election Priorities

Published on June 20, 2024

The ACT Election is scheduled for 19 October 2024 and Disabled Peoples and Representative Organisations offer these priorities for voters and candidates in the lead up to the poll.  We are non-partisan organisations which represent people with a range of disabilities.  Our work and priorities are informed by the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disability. 

These priorities are the result of consultation, policy and advocacy work from our organisations and will be reinforced by Shared Election Platforms containing more detail in some key areas to be released between now the election.  

In the next ACT Legislative Assembly, we want the Government and members to work towards an inclusive and welcoming Canberra which delivers the promise of a Human Rights Jurisdiction for the 1 in 5 Canberrans with disability. 

We ask candidates to commit to actions that:

  • Ensure Canberrans with disability have access to timely and adequate disability supports including non-specialist supports outside of the NDIS
  • Ensure Canberrans with disability have timely access to quality individual and systemic advocacy
  • Ensure Canberrans with disability have access to critical acute, primary and preventative health care 
  • Address the over-representation of people with disability in the ACT Justice system
  • Work towards genuine inclusion of students with disability in mainstream classrooms 
  • Put an end to gender-based violence against people with disability
  • Ensure that the appropriate systems and infrastructure are in place to enable people with different kinds of impairment and disabilities to engage with, live and move around Canberra
  • Ensure that people with disability can find and secure accessible and affordable housing in the community

Issued by ACT Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability, Women with Disabilities ACT, Mental Health Community Coalition ACT and Advocacy for Inclusion.  Authorised by Craig Wallace for Advocacy for Inclusion

Candidates can email AFI for more information and tailored candidate briefings here:

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