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Submission: ACT Disability Strategy 22-32

Published on August 2, 2022

AFI has made a submission to the consultation process for the ACT Disability Strategy. Our submission outlines two overarching principles and ten key policy priorities that must be included in the Strategy to ensure it creates meaningful change. Within each policy area, we highlight key actions that AFI considers necessary for furthering the human rights of people with disability in the ACT. Our expectation is that a credible strategy will prioritise early concrete actions and funded signature initiatives that demonstrate focus and whole of government commitment to key issues. These include a disability diversionary pathway for law enforcement, a renewed commitment to inclusive education, a funded Disability Health Strategy, an evidence-based and disability-conscious response to COVID, action to deliver affordable and accessible housing, and social planning commitments to accessible spaces, places, transport, and community infrastructure. Clear milestones, performance measures, oversight by people with disability and a rigorous continuing evaluation framework are needed to make change happen through this ten year strategy.