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Canberra Disability Review

Published on June 7, 2021

We are delighted to announce the return of the Canberra Disability Review (CDR), a platform to highlight and give voice to what matters most to people with disability in the ACT.
The original CDR was an initiative begun in 2016 by People with Disabilities ACT. Following the merger of Advocacy for Inclusion and People with Disabilities ACT, we are reimagining the CDR and are excited to be bringing it back to life as an online mixed media publication.
The new CDR will be a vibrant platform regularly updated with engaging and insightful content. Information will be provided in a variety of accessible formats including written content, podcasts, Easy English and audio-visual resources.
We will carry on the impressive tradition of the CDR by bringing you a range of opinions and insights of interest to and impacting people with disability and our wider community.
Above all we remain committed to amplifying the voices of people with disability. At its heart, the CDR will be dedicated to providing people with disability the opportunity to share our expertise and insights, access information and engage with our community.
The first CDR content will soon be available here:
You will also be able to find CDR content by following us on 
Know when the CDR becomes live and new content is added:

Our vision for the CDR is an ambitious one. We welcome the support of our community in creating diverse, vibrant and engaging content. If you would like to take the opportunity to contribute or get involved, please get in touch. Further questions and queries can also be directed to: