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Individual advocacy

AFI can help you with short term individual advocacy support.

People who identify as a person with a disability or having a mental illness can access our service.

If you live outside the ACT,  you can find an advocacy service through the disability advocacy finder.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is speaking up to help a person with an issue.

Advocacy supports your human rights.

Our advocates can:

  • Listen to you, hear your story;
  • Speak for you and represent your views when you feel unable to do it yourself;
  • Give information and guidance;
  • Attend meetings, hearings, tribunals, or appointments with you;
  • Clarify processes and procedures;
  • Help you understand your rights and responsibilities;
  • Build your self-advocacy skills.

Our advocates cannot:

  • Give advice or legal advice;
  • Make a decision for you;
  • Provide counselling;
  • Help you with something that breaks the law;
  • Do case coordination.

AFI is funded through federal and local governments for advocacy support. This Department of Social Services (DSS) factsheet explains more about what disability advocacy is and why it is important:

DSS – Disability advocacy factsheet (PDF)