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AFI NDIS Review Conversations Project – What We Heard  

Published on November 30, 2023

Advocacy for Inclusion is releasing the findings of its NDIS Review deep dive consultations project undertaken with a small, well-informed and representative group of Canberra NDIS participants across 2023.  

The consultation was supported by the Australian Government through Women with Disabilities Australia.  

The voices, views and ideas of the NDIS participants feature prominently in all of the reports but it is the personal stories and reflections contained within Volume Three, which offer candid insights into the highs and lows of the NDIS experience. 

The AFI NDIS Review What We Heard Report is available in three volumes (download the publications at the very bottom of this page)

Volume One, Appreciative Inquiry Report, speaks to building better communications with the NDIS.  

Volume Two, What People Told Us, covers the Depth Interviews.   

Volume Three, Looking Forward, Looking Back, draws across the whole project and focuses on confidentialised participant stories, highlighting participant experiences and aspirations for the future of the scheme.   

Together, the reports reveal the scope of the reforms needed to deliver the promise of the NDIS in some key areas.  They highlight changes that NDIS participants want to see to the way the scheme communicates with clients and manages the NDIS market and workforce.   

Check out the media release here:

The reports should be read in conjunction with AFI’s own submission to the review: Submission to the NDIS Review – Advocacy for Inclusion 

NDIS Final Report